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Mission Statement

Operating from Roumieh, the heart of the industrial area in Lebanon, CENTURY boasts a 4000 m2 work factory which encompasses everything needed to manufacture top quality products with individuality; from the latest technological machineries to the simplest traditional hand crafting skilled employees.

CENTURY offers clients a wide, sophisticated and well designed production line of furniture from doors to windows to paneling, to false ceiling, wainscoting and more.

At CENTURY, customers can even renovate their old furniture to look perfect and new. Our team can work on the finest details to reveal the true value of your furniture pieces.

If customers don’t have a design in mind, CENTURY’s in-house furniture design and staff can custom design anything to accommodate any client’s requests.

CENTURY has an in-house wide range of the specialist skills associated with high quality interiors and have proven ability to effectively coordinate these direct employ resources along with any specialist domestic, nominated or direct supply contractors under a singular responsibility.

Our History

CENTURY is a fitting out sub-contractor, shop fitter, and specialist joinery manufacturer, as well as being experts in wood furniture manufacturing.
Designs are custom made to clients, depending on their taste and Custom pieces are well crafted to specifications of individual customers. Each project is distinctive and personal, and all pieces are of high quality.

Marwan Salha and Sleiman Nasr founded the company in 1980. The company grew bigger when Samir Nasr, chief engineer; Sami Nasr production manager; and Salem Nasr executive manager joined forces and made CENTURY become what it is today.

With their diverse backgrounds, which include a combination of architecture and business, the people behind the foundation of CENTURY are well experienced and have added all their talents and background experience into providing designs required for an interior, made from the highest quality labor.

Today with the new developments, which include expansion and equipment developments and updated material, CENTURY guarantees an increase in annual turnover.

The company will continue to demonstrate a successful track record on a wide range of projects, which again include a large scale of hotel, retail, commercial, private and leisure interiors.

Our team

We are dedicated, efficient and professional designers and carpenters, who spend their days creating blazing crafts.

©2023 CENTURY s.a.r.l. All Rights Reserved


©2023 CENTURY s.a.r.l. All Rights Reserved