Glasses Living Room

Glasses Living Room

Can you tell what someone’s house is like from the way they dress and speak? Have you ever met someone at work, at a party, at a friend’s house and subsequently been invited to their home to find something completely different from what you expected? Or have you been right? I find this completely fascinating as a subject, and if my house wasn’t so familiar to everyone I would love to ask them how they think my house would be decorated from the way I am. It’s a game I often play on the bus or on trains. Looking at people and imagining what their houses are like. Of course, it’s a game with no result because I can’t ever ask them, but still, that doesn’t stop me playing.

Next up a house that isn’t for sale but is also in the news this week. It’s the house of the designer Dieter Rams, which was yesterday listed by the Hessen office for the preservation of historical monuments and will be kept as a manifestation of his philosophy for good design.


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